Welcome to My Blog


The purpose of this blog is to provide convenient and easy access to a website for family and friends having an interest in following my health progress, while my wife Karen and I tackle the challenges of my having been diagnosed with stomach cancer.

Those of you who are new to the blog should probably start by clicking the "Timeline" link above in the menu bar to gain a good understanding of how my cancer was discovered.


While visiting our blog, you can read the various posts that Karen and I have added, and you also have the ability to see the comments that people have added in response to a post.


If you wish to add comments, rather than just read them, you'll first have to click the "Log In / Sign Up" button at the top right of the Home page and log in. In other words, you have to be logged into the site to add comments. You can't log in unless you've previously signed up to create your own account.


Only Karen and I are allowed to create posts.

This website was created by yours truly.