• Karen

$295,382 and counting

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

That's how much David's cancer diagnosis and treatment have cost so far. The Nov. 7 through Nov. 10 hospital stay, when they did chest and abdomen x-rays, a liver biopsy, and an endoscopy and determined he has stage 4 stomach cancer that spread to his liver and lymph nodes, cost $105,600.

Chemo cycles 1 through 6, plus any associated lab tests and CT scans, have cost $189,782 so far. We haven't gotten EOBs from Medicare yet for the current chemo cycle (#7), and Dr. Brooks plans to do an 8th chemo cycle. Each chemo cycle costs ~$25,000 for the IV chemo and the chemo pills, so by the time the 8th cycle is over, the tab will be close to $350,000. And there most likely will be some form of treatment after the 8th chemo cycle as well.

Fortunately, we have a great Medicare supplemental "G" plan that has covered almost everything that Medicare hasn't paid for. Except for the annual Medicare deductible ($184 this year) and the monthly $117 premiums for the supplemental plan, we've had very little out-of-pocket expense. We are so grateful that we have good insurance—and we're glad we didn't opt to get a cheaper plan that would have lower premiums but wouldn't cover as much. It's easy to see how a cancer diagnosis could bankrupt anyone who doesn't have good coverage, compounding an already stressful and difficult situation.