Another reprieve!

Gathering at the recent Perkins sibling reunion in Tucson

We saw Dr. Brooks today to discuss the abdominal CT scan David had done on April 18. Much to our delight, it showed no visible signs of cancer. The operative word is “visible.” Dr. Brooks said that because David’s CEA is continuing to rise there probably are some active cancer cells somewhere; we just can’t see them. But because there are no visible signs and David’s CEA is not skyrocketing, Dr. Brooks said David didn’t need to rush to restart chemo. Yay!!

The plan is to retest the CEA level on June 6 and get a brain MRI shortly thereafter. Dr. Brooks wants to make sure there are no visible brain tumors before deciding what to do next. If there aren’t any visible brain tumors and if David’s CEA hasn’t skyrocketed, we might be able to further postpone restarting chemo. Fingers crossed!