• Karen

Appointments set for CT scan, mask creation, and MRI

Updated: Oct 20, 2019

Photo David took while on his mountain bike, riding a biking trail in the Sonoran Desert here in Tucson. He was alone, and actually got lost that day, but finally figured it out. He learned some important lessons.

Medicare and David's supplemental plan authorized the radiation treatments, and David will have a CT scan and a high-precision MRI done on Tues. 10/15. The mask will be created during the CT scan.

The only other appointment that needs to happen before the radiation treatments can happen is to meet with Dr. Sipos, a neurosurgeon who will be working with Dr. Vonk (the radiology oncologist) on David's case. That has not been scheduled yet, but we are hoping it will occur later this week so the radiation treatments can start soon.

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