• Karen

Break week! And plan for chemo cycle 4

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Intricate sandcastle we saw on Coronado Beach, California, in November 2017

David finished chemo cycle 3 on Feb. 7th and started his "break week," which is not as fun as spring break, but still a welcome respite. This means he doesn't have to take chemo pills until the next cycle begins.

He usually feels best during break week and was looking forward to that. Unfortunately, he has had an upset stomach and diarrhea for two days. He doesn't have a fever, so we are hopeful it's just a temporary glitch, not another intestinal infection like he had during his last break.

We will meet with Dr. Brooks on Thurs. 2/14 and David most likely will start chemo cycle 4 that day. If so, he'll receive chemo via IV that day and start taking the chemo pills again for the next 14 days.