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Chemo cycle 11 started & new primary care physician

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Roadrunner that was in our yard recently

David received his eleventh IV (that's IV as in intravenous) dose of Herceptin today and has been continuing his one-week-on and one-week-off regime of the Xeloda chemo pills. He has good days and not so good days, due to the Xeloda, and he always feels bad the day he gets the chemo IV. Today is no exception, but he's hanging in there.

A recent new development is that David signed up to become a patient of our old primary care physician (PCP), Dr. Cindi Oh, again. Dr. Oh switched to a member-based practice (aka, concierge) a couple of years ago. In spite of the fact that she is the best doctor we have ever had, we didn't sign up for her practice initially, due to the expense. But recently we decided that it'd be a good idea for David to have her as his PCP while he battles cancer.

Dr. Cindi (Eun Joo) Oh

David had his first visit with Dr. Oh recently and she was so thorough and helpful, as usual. She did a spate of blood tests and discovered David's vitamin B6 is way too high; she said that could be contributing to the neuropathy in his hands and feet. She also found his iron is too low in spite of taking an iron pill each day. That could contribute to the restless leg symptoms he has. So she changed the type of iron pill he's taking. David's B12 is also low, so he is now taking a sublingual B12 pill each day. Raising his B12 levels could help with energy levels and blood cell formation. We're looking forward to seeing if these changes will help.

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