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Chemo cycle 13 started & update on C. diff

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

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David had his13th IV chemo treatment (Herceptin only) on 9/12. Regarding treating the C. diff infection, Dr. Brooks and Dr. Oh collaborated and decided David should stay off the Xeloda chemo pills until he is no longer taking the Flagyl antibiotic. Apparently, you should not take both at the same time. We are hoping being off the Xeloda will not give the cancer an opportunity to grow; so far, David's tumor marker is holding steady, though.

David has been on the Flagyl for almost one month now. Soon Dr. Oh will do a stool test to see if the C. diff has been eradicated. If that test indicates the C. diff is still present, David will need to continue the Flagyl until a total of three consecutive weekly stool tests indicate there is no C. diff.

Recently, David had his annual physical with Dr. Oh. We are grateful that she is so thorough. He hasn't had any restless leg syndrome episodes since she increased the amount and type of iron he is taking, and his hemoglobin level is up higher than it has been since the cancer was diagnosed. It's still low, but any improvement will help his energy and is a step in the right direction.

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