• Karen

Chemo cycle 6 postponed one week

Great horned owl that frequently visits my folks' yard

David's latest intestinal flare-up has finally subsided after a week of torment, and we are very happy about that. (But we wish it had happened while out-of-town family was visiting!)

Because today was the first day David has felt close to normal and Dr. Brooks would like him to have a few days of relief before the next chemo cycle starts, Dr. Brooks decided to postpone the start of cycle 6 one week. So it is now scheduled to start on Thursday 4/18.

In the meantime, David will have a CT scan on Tues. 4/16 to check the status of the cancer. Depending on what that shows, Dr. Brooks will decide whether to proceed with cycle 6 as planned or discuss other treatment options. He is mindful that David is having increased neuropathy in his fingers and toes, so he might decide to stop the chemo regime and try another treatment if the chemo has shrunk the cancer significantly.