• Karen

Chemo cycle 7 started

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Buildings at Biosphere 2, about 20 miles north of our house

Today, Dr. Brooks started the 7th chemo cycle by giving David the standard chemo IV and directing David to take six Xeloda chemo pills per day for one week, then to stop the pills for one week, and then to take them again for one week. This is an increase in the number of pills he will take during this cycle, because he took the pills for only one week during the last cycle. In fact, the original regime also required him to take the pills for two weeks per three-week cycle; the difference this time is that there will be a week's break in between the two weeks of pills.

Dr. Brooks decided to increase the pills for two reasons. One was that he wants to keep hitting the cancer hard. The other was that David did not have the intestinal issue after taking the pills for only seven days during the last cycle. So the hope is that if David doesn't take the pills for more than seven days at a time, he'll escape a recurrence of the intestinal issue.

After cycle 7 is over, Dr. Brooks' will decide the next step. One possibility is to continue chemo cycles beyond eight cycles (which we weren't expecting) but without the Cisplatin component of the chemo IV, which means the chemo IV would contain only Herceptin and should cause fewer side effects. The goal is to keep David's neuropathy and other side effects from getting worse while still fighting the cancer. We're not sure when Dr. Brooks will take the next CT scan to check the size of the tumors. I suspect we will learn a lot more after David complete cycle 7.