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Chemo cycle 9 & next CT scan

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

David enjoying Catalina State Park during a hike last Saturday

On Thurs. 6/20, David will go in for his ninth IV chemo treatment. We will see Dr. Brooks before the chemo treatment to hear what the plan is for the chemo. We suspect it will be the same as for chemo cycle 8: Herceptin only; no Cisplatin.

Unless Dr. Brooks says otherwise, the plan for the Xeloda chemo pills during cycle 9 will the same as it has been since cycle 7: Take six pills per day for one week, then stop the pills for one week, and then take them again for one week.

David is scheduled to get a CT scan with contrast on Fri. 6/21. The results of that should indicate the current state of the tumors in the stomach, liver, and lymph nodes. Because David's recent blood tests showed his tumor markers are now in the normal range, we're hopeful the CT scan will show significant shrinkage in all the tumors. We also hope David can stop the chemo, but we don't how likely that is. Keep your fingers crossed!

I'll post an update to this blog when we get the CT scan results.

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