Chemo to restart in May

A lot has happened since our last post back on January 22. As you’ll recall, David has been on a chemo break the last 3 months.

David had a regular three-month follow-up brain MRI on February 22, and when reporting the results last week his radiation oncologist, Dr. Frye, said David’s brain “looks spectacular.” He also said it was impressive how well David has responded to the brain radiation treatments received back in early 2020. We are so grateful that there haven’t been any new brain tumors.

David had CEA tumor-marker blood tests done in mid-February and mid-March. We saw Dr. Brooks today, and as we expected the CEA level has gradually risen, from 3.2 back in December 2021 to 8.6 in mid-March. That’s not a huge increase, but it does suggest increased cancer activity. So the plan is for David to get another abdominal CT scan on April 18 so we can get an inside look at what’s going on. Then, on May 2, David will restart the Enhertu chemotherapy. We’re hoping the chemo won’t be as hard on him now that he’s had a chemo reprieve and is in so much better shape.

David also saw Dr. Oh today, his primary care physician. Most of his recent labs looked very good. One exception was an inflammatory marker (CRP), which Dr. Oh will recheck soon. Hopefully that was just a fluke. Also, David’s COVID antibodies have declined some, but they are still high enough that he doesn’t need to rush out and get another booster yet.

Since the COVID numbers were declining and David was feeling so much better during his chemo break, we finally were able to take a short trip to La Jolla, California, about a week ago to celebrate our 30th anniversary, which occurred last fall. We took many walks along the coast and thoroughly enjoyed the sunny days, the beautiful Pacific, and each other.