• Karen

CT scan, mask creation, and MRI went well

Mask that David will wear during the radiation treatments, which will be bolted to the table to ensure David's head does not move

As usual, David was a real trouper, enduring several hours of procedures on 10/15 in preparation for his radiation treatments. Having to lie on his back is tough due to the symptoms his cerebellum tumors are causing, but he toughed it out and is glad that part is over.

Now we are waiting to meet with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Sipos. We tentatively have an appointment with him on 10/25, which was the earliest Dr. Sipos' office had available. That is not ideal because Dr. Vonk said the radiation should be done no later than two weeks after the CT scan and MRI are done; otherwise, the cancer could have grown enough that the CT scan and MRI are no longer accurate.

I called Dr. Vonk's office and described the problem. Unfortunately Dr. Vonk is out of town until Monday, but his nurse will relay the issue to him on Monday, and it is likely that he will ask Dr. Sipos see David sooner. Apparently, Dr. Vonk and Dr. Sipos have an arrangement to deal with this type of scheduling issue. So our fingers are crossed that we can see Dr. Sipos sooner than 10/25 and then start the radiation treatments before the end of next week.