• David

Cycle 1 of Enhertu chemo

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

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Hi. This is David writing this post.

I went to Arizona Oncology in Tucson on June 17 to receive the first dose of my new chemo drug Fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan, hereafter called Enhertu in our blog. You may wish to look online to see what the common side effects are. There are far more than I wish and I've certainly struggled with many of them this past week.

Lightheadedness, nausea, and insomnia have been the worst of them, but I'm optimistic that I'll feel better as each day goes by.There's also a fair chance that subsequent infusions of this drug will be less hard on me, or at least I will learn more techniques for coping with or reducing those nasty side effects. My second infusion of Enhertu is scheduled for July 8.