• Karen

Cycle 2-dose 2 & cycle 2-dose 3 of Enfortumab-vedotin chemo

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

Flowers on three "Yellow Bells" shrubs I recently planted

David got another chemo dose on 5/6 and one yesterday. There’s not much new to report. With the exception of the rash, he still struggles daily with the numerous side effects mentioned in the previous post, and he has been much more fatigued lately. We wish there would be some days when he felt at least a bit better, but so far that hasn’t happened. He will not get a dose next week, though. So we’re hoping that increases the odds of having a few good days before cycle 3 starts.

David will get a brain MRI on 5/24 and an abdominal CT scan on 5/25, and we’ll meet with Dr. Brooks to discuss the results on 5/27, the same day David will start cycle 3. We are hoping to get good news that the chemo is having a significant effect on the cancer. We’ll keep you posted.