• Karen

Cycle 2 of Enhertu chemo

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

A Rufous hummingbird, a rare visitor to Tucson. This one is either a female or an immature male.

David's white blood cell count came up enough for him to receive his second dose of the new chemo on Thurs. 7/15. In addition, he got an IV with a steroid and an anti-nausea medication. Things have gone better this time. He still had the usual trouble sleeping for the first three days, due to the "wired" effect of the steroid. But for those same three days, the steroid also masked the awful feelings the chemo causes.

And so far, he has had only minor bouts of nausea, thank goodness. One thing he's found immensely helpful when he does feel nauseous is a product called TummyDrops, which contains ginger. He says he wishes he had known about them years ago for when he gets carsick. They come in different flavors (he gets the blackberry because it has the least intense ginger flavor).

Now that the steroid has worn off, he's been sleeping better, sometimes 12 hours a night. We're hoping that means his body needs the extra rest time to fight the cancer and heal.