• Karen

Cycle 3 of Enhertu postponed

David was scheduled to have Enhertu dose 3 on Thursday 8/5, but his lab results indicated his white and red blood counts were too low again, so that dose is now scheduled for 8/12.

Meanwhile there’s a glimmer of hope that the chemo might be working against the cancer because David’s CEA blood test result came back at 35. Less than 5 is normal, but since the cancer started growing again it got as high as 159 and was 129 last time. So 35 is a big drop. Dr. Brooks won’t make any diagnosis based on that, but every time the CEA has gone lower in the past, it was a good sign and, conversely, it was a bad sign when it increased. So we’re hoping that holds true this time. David will get another abdominal CT scan on 8/30, and that’s when we’ll really learn what’s going on inside.

One thing that brought a burst of joy to my heart last week was that David was able to go for a short bike ride one morning. He hasn’t felt well enough to do that for quite a while. I’m hoping he can do it again before he gets his next chemo dose and feels worse again.

David on his recent early morning ride