• Karen

Cycle 4 of Enhertu started

Cooler weather is coming. Yay!

After a two-week delay, David was finally able to get dose 4 of the Enhertu chemo on 9/16. The two Filgrastim shots he received last week brought his white blood cell counts up enough to get the chemo but not up as much as Dr. Brooks expected. So David will get three more shots of Filgrastim next week in the hope that there won’t need to be a delay for Enhertu cycle 5, which is scheduled to start on 10/7.

One side effect of Filgrastim is aching in bones and muscles, for example, backache. Another is fatigue. David has had both. We’re hoping the side effects don’t get worse next week, but we assume they might. However, he can’t get the chemo if his blood counts aren’t high enough, so getting the shots is a must.