• Karen

Cycle 5 of Enhertu postponed

Purple morning glories I saw in Catalina St. Park recently; they're the result of a record-breaking amount of rain we got during the summer monsoon.

David was scheduled to have Enhertu dose 5 today (Thursday 10/7), but his lab results indicated his white blood cells and neutrophils, which both fight infection, are extremely low: lower than ever and only about half the number they would be if they were on the low end of the normal range. So dose 5 is now scheduled for 10/19. In addition, Dr. Brooks wants David to get three more shots of Filgrastim to encourage his bone marrow to make more blood cells. The shots worked last time, but the benefit is temporary. David got the first shot today and will get another tomorrow and the third on Sat.

David’s mouth has gotten extremely sore this week to the point where it’s painful to open his mouth to eat. Dr. Brooks examined David and said the mucosal lining inside the mouth is very degraded. That’s most likely due to the chemo, so that’s another reason Dr. Brooks wants to postpone the next dose. He recommended trying Biotene mouthwash since the prescription “Miracle Mouthwash” David has been using hasn’t helped.

One ray of hope is that David’s CEA blood test result continues to decline. The result was 5.4 this time, which is close to normal. It hasn’t been that low since last December before the cancer started growing again. So between that and the results of the last CT scan, it appears this chemo is working. We’re hoping that when David gets the next abdominal CT scan, probably around the end of November, it will confirm that the cancer has shrunk even more—maybe even enough to take a break from the chemo.