• Karen

Cycle 5 of Enhertu started

Recent family gathering at sister Penny's house in Tucson. From the left, David's niece Juley, sister-in-law Shelli, sister Judy, David, and Karen.

David’s white blood cell counts were finally high enough (barely) for him to get another chemo dose today, so the latest three shots of Filgrastim worked. Dr. Brooks reduced the chemo dose in the hope that a lower dose wouldn’t affect David’s white blood cell counts as much this time. Dr. Brooks had already lowered the dose before so we’re not sure if this is a further reduction or just the same reduction as before. In either case, it’s good that David got the chemo; we don’t want to give the cancer a chance to increase.

Another piece of good news is that the Biotene mouthwash helped David’s mouth heal. Hopefully that issue won’t happen again.