• Karen

Cycle 1-dose 2 of Enfortumab-vedotin chemo

Updated: May 1, 2021

Our new Catrike 5.5.9 3-wheel recumbent bikes finally arrived.

David got his second IV of the new chemo drug on 4/8. The co-administered steroid dose was cut in half this time to reduce the chance for insomnia and constipation, both of which occurred after the first does. Unfortunately, both still occurred after the second dose even though David took pains to eat lots of fiber and even take a laxative on the second day. Unless Dr. Brooks comes up with a new plan, it appears that for two or three days after each dose David will get only four or five hours of sleep and deal with constipation. His fatigue has also been increasing. All these are known side effects that might get worse over time, so we're glad family came to visit this past week while David was energetic enough to enjoy their visit.

On a brighter note, David and I finally received the recumbent trikes we ordered back in Dec. 2020. We’ve had fun going for short rides in the evening, and this morning David rode over 3 miles by himself. He loves biking, so I’m glad he has a way to do it now. (With a 3-wheel recumbent, balance problems are not an issue.) Here's a short video (no audio) of me test riding my new bike at the bike shop, shot by David who's riding along with me. We always wear helmets but didn’t have them for this ride in a big parking lot...