Enhertu cycle 10 started

David got his 10th dose of Enhertu chemo today (the 5th dose since he restarted chemo in June). His CEA did not go down much this last cycle: It was 18.9 three weeks ago and 18.7 this time. So that dashed our hopes for a chemo break in the near future. But as Dr. Brooks said, at least it didn’t go up. Being stable is a positive when you have metastatic cancer.

Dr. Brooks advocated sticking with the increased dose of the chemo, and David agreed. David had stronger and more side effects the past cycle. We anticipate that will continue, but he’s hanging in there.

One recent development is that David started having A-fib a couple of weeks ago. That can be caused by chemo or the steroids he gets with each dose of chemo. It tends to run in his family, too, so perhaps that increased the odds that he'd develop it, or perhaps he would have developed it even if he wasn’t getting chemo. To ensure he doesn’t have a blood clot that causes a stroke, he’s now taking a blood thinner (Xarelto) each day.

David will have a brain MRI on Sept. 26 and an abdominal CT scan on Sept. 28. We will discuss the results with Dr. Brooks on Sept. 29. Those results, as well as the results of the next CEA test, will determine what Dr. Brooks thinks should be done next. If the CEA has not gone down or cancer is visible on either scan, Dr. Brooks said he might decide that we need to try a different chemo.