Extended reprieve from chemo

Updated: Jan 8

Christmas at our house in Oro Valley

We hope all of you enjoyed the holidays, and we wish each of you a happy new year! Since the last post in early December, David’s mouth is doing much better and his sense of taste has improved a lot. It was really nice for him to have a break from the chemo side effects, especially during Christmas.

We saw Dr. Brooks today, and he said David’s CEA tumor marker has risen a bit since early December (from 3.3 to 3.7). That’s still very low, but in the past when it’s risen that’s been an indication that the cancer activity has increased. However, Dr. Brooks said that knowing the CEA value is not enough to determine whether we need to start chemo again. So David will have an abdominal CT scan on 1/17 to get a better idea of what’s going on with the lymph nodes.

We’ll meet with Dr. Brooks on 1/21 to discuss the CT scan and hear what the next step will be. It might be to resume the Enhertu chemo but at a lower dose to try to avoid the side effects, or it might entail something else. In the meantime, David’s chemo break will continue.

Also, David received good news from Dr. Frye regarding the 11/29 brain MRI. There are no signs of new brain tumors; we are thrilled to hear that. We'll keep our hopes up that we'll get good news on 1/21 regarding the CT scan.