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Feeling better & results of a CT scan

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

David’s art-enhanced photo of the desert near our home in Oro Valley, with the Santa Catalina Mountains in the distance

We got the results of the CT scan that Dr. Brooks did on Thursday and it showed inflammation of the sigmoid descending colon (colitis). It also showed the tumors have remained stable (not growing).

The two antibiotics David started Thursday night have already helped: He felt much better Friday and the diarrhea abated for the most part. We still don't know what caused the problem, but Dr. Oh explained that there are two reasons to take the antibiotics. One is that if David has C diff. or another infection, they will treat that. The other is that even if this didn't start due to an infection in his intestinal tract, he could get a systemic infection (sepsis) because his intestinal lining has been compromised.

To give his colon a rest and help it heal, Dr. Oh put David on a very low-residue diet. So now, under doctor's orders, he is eating all the refined, white-flour carbohydrates and low-fiber foods that he normally (though sometimes reluctantly) strives to avoid! Once David is done taking the10-day course of antibiotics and is back on a regular diet, Dr. Oh wants him to take Align probiotic.

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