• Karen

Five down, three more to go

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Saguaro blooming in Catalina State Park last summer

Today is the last day that David needs to take the chemo pills for chemo cycle 5, and it isn't coming a moment too soon. He was doing fairly well and even managed to take a short bike ride a few days ago, but the last couple of days have been tough. This is typical near the end of a cycle; side effects such as peripheral neuropathy and an "overall awful feeling" always seem to get a lot stronger near the end of each cycle as the chemo drugs accumulate in his system.

So far, the intestinal issue he's gotten at the end of the last two chemo cycles hasn't kicked in, though, and we're hoping it won't since he took the chemo pills for fewer days this cycle (10 instead of 14). And with luck, he will feel better in the next few days as the drugs dissipate from his system. He'll have 11 days off the drugs before he gets the next chemo IV and starts the chemo pills again on April 11. In the meantime, family will be visiting from Colorado, which will be wonderful.