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He's a trouper

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

Male broadbill hummer

Merriam-Webster dictionary: trouper, noun: A person who deals with and persists through difficulty or hardship without complaint

David is surely that. He dutifully went in for his fourth IV chemo cocktail on Thurs. 2/21 and started his 14-day regime of chemo pills. The first day or two after the IV is usually OK, because the nurses add a steroid and lots of fluids to the IV to help reduce side effects. But the steriod wears off after a couple of days. Yesterday David said the typical post-IV "head in a vice" feeling started. A side effect that is short-lived and not as unpleasant is weight gain. Due to the extra fluids in the IV, he gains 8 to 10 pounds of water weight, which slowly dissipates over 4 or 5 days. By Monday, he should be back down to what he weighed last Thurs.

I feel a bit guilty that while David was home feeling the effects of chemo, I was able to enjoy a short trip to the AZ-Sonoran Desert Museum. My parents, who support the museum, had one free ticket that was due to expire on 2/28. They were kind enough to give it to me, so I went to spend some time in the hummingbird aviary. I was naive enough to think that because it was only in the high 40s, the place might not be crowded. But since it's peak "snow bird" time in Tucson now, many people were there. I've never been there in Feb. before. I usually go in spring. The plants are prettier in spring, but the hummingbirds never disappoint. Being with nature is so restorative. I missed not having David with me, but we plan to look at my photos together on the Apple TV tonight.

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