• Karen

It's a "go" for starting chemo cycle 4

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

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David's intestinal situation improved quite a bit over the last few days, so he will start the 4th chemo cycle tomorrow, 2/21/19. The IV portion of the chemo will be the same as for cycle 3, but Dr. Brooks decided to lower the pill chemo from 7 pills per day to 6 pills per day, in an effort to prevent any of David's side effects (tinnitus, sensitivity in fingers and toes, and intestinal problems) from getting worse.

Because David had the intestinal issue during his last chemo break, his break was extended from one week to two weeks to let his intestines heal. The last two days of the break he said he actually felt almost normal. Sometimes I feel like the cancer is teasing us: One day, David feels almost normal and the next day (or, more likely, several days), it’s obvious he has cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. When he feels good, it’s hard to believe he has a life-threatening illness. Was it all a bad dream? But when he’s in the grip of the chemo and the side effects, it’s not at all hard to believe. When he’s feeling good, it’s easy to fantasize about returning to a normal life, going on a vacation, and enjoying his retirement. When he’s not, the specter of his untimely death and my widowhood looms.