• Karen

Keytruda cycle 7 started & recent lab results

Updated: May 2, 2020

Male Costa's hummingbird gleaning nectar from the Parry's penstemon in our back yard

David got his seventh IV of the Keytruda immunotherapy drug yesterday and met with Dr. Brooks. Similar to last time, I couldn't go along because only patients can enter the facility now due to COVD-19. David took notes, though.

One thing David asked Dr. Brooks is why the feeling he has in his head almost every day is not so great. Dr. Brooks reply was that David's brain has been through a lot lately, which certainly makes sense. We're hoping things improve as time goes on.

Regarding labs, there's some good news. David is no longer anemic and his blood counts are normal. Also, his thyroid function has returned to normal. (The previous labs showed that David's TSH was low, which indicated he was a bit hyperthyroid. This was a concern because Keytruda can cause an autoimmune attack on the thyroid.) One thing we'll need to keep an eye on is his CEA tumor marker, which was 2.4 last time. Less than 2.5 is considered normal. This time it was 3.0, so we hope this increase isn't the start of a trend.