• Karen

Keytruda cycle 10 started & abdominal CT scan results

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David got his tenth IV of the Keytruda immunotherapy drug today and met with Linda, Dr. Brooks' NP. Due to the pandemic, no one except patients can enter the clinic, so David called me during the appointment so I could hear what Linda reported regarding the results of the three-month follow-up abdominal CT scan David had on June 9.

We couldn't have gotten better news. The scan showed no traces of any tumors in the liver or lymph nodes, and the view it gave of the outside of the stomach indicates the stomach looks normal also. Linda said that Dr. Brooks said "It's remarkable!" Linda also used the term "remission." After the last CT scan, which looked good, but not as good as this one, Dr. Brooks said David was at least in partial remission. It's great that the "partial" qualifier is no longer being used. Needless to say, we are beyond thrilled!

The Keytruda treatments will continue every three weeks as long as David doesn't develop autoimmune problems, because there's always the chance the cancer could recur. And, as mentioned in the last post, David will have a three-month follow-up brain MRI on June 17. We'll get the results of that from Dr. Frye on 6/26. The last brain MRI showed no new brain tumors, and we're hoping for the same result this time. We'll keep you posted.