• Karen

Keytruda cycle 14, plus follow-up CT scan and MRI

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David got his 14th IV of the Keytruda immunotherapy drug on Sept. 3. There’s not much to report except the tingling in David’s hands and feet has lessened, which is good because the blood tests Dr. Brooks did didn’t identify a cause.

Slightly worrying is the fact that David’s CEA tumor marker has been slowly creeping up over the last few months. It’s now at 5.7, which is above the high end of the normal range of 5.1. The CEA test monitors a protein that can indicate tumor progression or recurrence. Dr. Brooks said he’ll keep an eye on it, and he doesn’t seem too concerned at this point.

David had a three-month follow-up abdominal and chest CT scan on 9/16 and a three-month follow-up brain MRI on 9/17. We hope to get a call from Dr. Brooks (for the CT scan) and from Dr. Frye (for the brain MRI) soon to inform us of the results. Worst case, we’ll have to wait to hear the MRI results on 9/23, when David has a telehealth appointment with Dr. Frye, and the results of the CT scan on 9/24, when David sees Dr. Brooks for his 15th infusion of Keytruda. We'll keep you posted.