• Karen

Keytruda cycle 20 & $1M

Due to the warm winter so far, the Bougainvillea look good.

David received his 20th dose of Keytruda on 1/21/21. All indications are that Dr. Brooks will have David continue Keytruda indefinitely as long as David doesn’t start having any serious side effects. So far, the main side effect is bouts of intense itching that come and go. Fortunately they don’t last very long.

We asked if David should get a COVID vaccine since he’s getting Keytruda, which revs up the immune system. As we expected, the answer was “yes.” Since the virus is new, there’s really no information yet on whether it might cause a problem if someone is getting immunotherapy. However, since the chemo David received compromised his immune system, the doctor feels the risk of getting COVID is greater than the risk of getting the vaccine. So as soon as AZ opens up vaccines to ages 65 to 74, we’ll schedule ours.

On another topic, as of Dec. 2020, David’s two years of cancer treatments have cost a total of $1,035,747. We are very thankful we have great insurance and have reaped great results from the treatment!