• Karen

Keytruda cycle 21 & upcoming scans

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

A photo David took of our back yard and then enhanced with the Prisma app

David received his 21st dose of Keytruda on 2/11/21 but didn't meet with Dr. Brooks or Linda. He will see Dr. Brooks on 3/4 when he gets his next does of Keytruda. Then, Dr. Brooks will discuss the results of an abdominal CT scan that David will have done on 3/1. It will have been 4 months since his last abdominal CT scan, so we're hoping it sheds more light on the state of David's lymph nodes. David's CEA tumor marker blood test went up again recently. It's now 9.9, which is the highest it's been since the chemo brought it down to under the high end of the normal range (5) a long time ago. We're hoping this is just a blip and not a trend.

David will also have another brain MRI on 3/15, and we'll get the results from Dr. Frye on 3/18.

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