• Karen

Keytruda cycle 3 started

A lizard we saw during a hike last year at Catalina State Park

David got his third IV of the Keytruda immunotherapy drug yesterday and we saw Dr. Brooks' nurse practitioner, Linda Barroero. She said Dr. Brooks will most likely do another abdominal CT scan to check the status of David's stomach cancer and liver lesions before David's next Keytruda IV on 2/6.

We haven't received a call yet regarding when David's radiation treatments will be done. So now we're wondering if the treatments will be done late next week or the following week. We will do our best to not have them interfere while our beloved New England relatives are visiting, but based on what we were told last time, they need to started no later than two weeks after the MRI and CT scan David had done on 2/14. I'll call Dr. Frye's office on Monday to inquire. Fortunately, if they need to be done while relatives are visiting, the appointments shouldn't take too long and the post-treatment fatigue is expected to be minimal this time because the tumors are small.

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