• Karen

Keytruda cycle 4 started & "universal" cancer therapy on the horizon?

A gorilla we saw at the San Diego Zoo a couple of years ago

David got his fourth IV of the Keytruda immunotherapy drug today and we saw Dr. Brooks' nurse practitioner, Linda Barroero. She said Dr. Brooks wanted to wait until after this IV to do another abdominal CT scan to check the status of David's stomach cancer and liver lesions. The CT scan has been scheduled for 2/20, and we will discuss the results with Dr. Brooks when David goes for his next Keytruda IV on 2/27. We're cautiously hopeful it will reveal good news.

In the meantime, David has not been as fatigued from the recent radiation treatment as he was from the first series of radiation treatments. We are glad and hope it stays that way, because he was extremely exhausted last time.

On the way home from the appointment, NPR had a story about some new research being done in Cardiff Wales that identified a new type of immune T-cell receptor (TCR). This TCR "recognizes and kills most human cancer types, while ignoring healthy cells." Most current chemo and immune therapies work on only a limited number of cancers and often take a toll on healthy cells. With this new therapy might be available in a few years, so that's one more reason for David to keep fighting. You can read more about it here.