• Karen

Keytruda cycle 9 started

Female bobcat that has been hunting in our back yard lately. She's raising a litter of cubs in a neighbor's yard.

These posts are getting boring, but boring is good in this case!

David got his ninth IV of the Keytruda immunotherapy drug today and met with Linda, Dr. Brooks' NP. He asked her how many cycles of Keytruda there might be. Linda said the plan is to keep getting Keytruda as long as David doesn't start having autoimmune problems and as long as it appears to be keeping the cancer at bay. So far, the only problems have been increased blood sugar and cholesterol and, more recently, a notable increase in precancerous skin lesions, mainly on his arms.

To address the blood sugar and cholesterol, David has continued to increase the length and intensity of his exercise regime, and he's made good progress altering his diet to reduce sugar and saturated fat. He misses his breakfast bagel and cream cheese, but he's determined to improve. To address the skin lesions, his dermatologist prescribed a chemotherapy cream that he applies twice a day and that seems to be working.

David's next Keytruda IV will be in three weeks (June 11).