• Karen

Meeting with Dr. Brooks

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

San Diego as seen from Coronado island during our last trip there in 2017. We are overdue for another visit!

We met with our oncologist Dr. Brooks today so he could see how David’s mouth is doing and decide whether to continue the Enhertu chemo. He decided that because David’s mouth has not healed completely, David should not get any chemo for now.

Instead, he scheduled David for an abdominal CT scan on 11/17 and a follow-up visit to discuss the results on 11/19. Depending on what the CT scan shows and how David’s mouth is doing then, Dr. Brooks will decide what the next step should be. In the meantime, he plans to consult with other oncologists who have used Enhertu to see if they have any suggestions. Because Enhertu was shrinking the lymph node tumors (which we hope has continued), Dr. Brooks would like to continue using it, but he has some doubts as to whether that will be possible given the side effects it's causing. We'll discuss other options after we have the CT results.