• Karen

Met with neurosurgeon & had two more radiation treatments

David and Karen in Tucson

We met with Dr. Sipos, the neurosurgeon, on Fri. 10/25. Before the meeting, we weren't quite sure why the radiology oncologist (Dr. Vonk) wanted us to meet with Dr. Sipos, because we weren't expecting David to need surgery—and that's still the case. It turns out that Dr. Sipos and Dr. Vonk always collaborate even when a patient has surgery but no radiation or vice versa. I assume that's because the brain is complex and it's advantageous to have two experts involved. We liked Dr. Sipos, and we continue to be thankful that David has an excellent team of doctors.

Dr. Sipos did a neurological exam on David. (If you're curious about what such an exam entails, see this explanation.) At the end of the exam, he said David is doing better than he expected based on the size and location of the tumors he saw on David's MRI. So that was good news, and we hope that bodes well for how David will fare after the radiation treatments are completed.

David has had his second and third radiation treatments and will have the fourth and fifth on Mon. 10/28 and Tues. 10/29. The fatigue we were told to expect didn't show up at first, but it is kicking in finally. David had to take two naps today. All the doctors said to give in to the urge when it strikes. We suspect the fatigue and urge to nap will get stronger as David receives the last two treatments. So far, David hasn't had any other radiation side effects, though, which is great.