• Karen

One-week reprieve

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

Pair of Great Horned Owls that recently visited my parents' "watering hole" to cool off

David went in for his second dose of Enhertu chemo on 7/8, but his lab tests showed that his white blood cell count was low. That is a known side effect of Enhertu and indicates his immune system is compromised. So he couldn't get chemo then; if he did, the risk would be that the counts would get dangerously low. The plan now is to get chemo on 7/15. In the meantime, he needs to be extra careful not to get exposed to any harmful bacteria or viruses because that could make him very sick.

One possible sign that the first Enhertu dose might have done some good, though, is that David's CEA tumor marker came down from 152 to 129.

Also, Linda (Dr. Brooks' NP) mentioned that if David gets nauseous after his next chemo IV, he should call again and ask to get an IV of anti-nausea medication, which should work better than the oral medications they had him take when he called after the first dose.