• David

One-week reprieve and good news

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The image of my abdomen on the left shows the earlier May 25th scan; the image on the right shows the recent August 30th scan. The two red circles point out the state of the lymph node tumors. That large white structure at the bottom is my spinal column.

Karen and I received good news today: The current chemo is shrinking the lymph node tumors in my stomach area! They’re not gone, but the chemo is working. Previously one of the lymph nodes measured 3.6 cm, but it's now only .8 cm. So I will continue with the chemotherapy until the side effects become intolerable or there are no signs of the cancer.

The main side effect that might necessitate stopping the chemo is low white blood cell counts, which happened again this time and caused Dr. Brooks to postpone today’s chemo treatment for a week.

Needless to say, we are thrilled this chemo is shrinking the tumors that much after only three doses. Also the result of my CEA tumor-marker blood test declined again and is now 11.2, a significant drop from 152.

I also saw my radiology oncologist Dr. Frye recently and got the results of my recent brain MRI. Dr. Frye said my brain looks very good with no signs of cancer. He even said my brain is “pristine,” which we got quite a chuckle out of. So that's great news on that front as well.