• Karen

Preradiation MRI & CT scan done

Some nearby saguaros in bloom last summer. I call them "the candelabras."

David had a high-resolution MRI and a CT scan done today in preparation for his upcoming radiation treatments. Fortunately, a new mask didn't need to be made, but it was still a long day for him. The next step will be for Dr. Frye (radiology oncologist) and his team to use the MRI and CT scan to determine where the radiation beams need to be focused to destroy the three new tumors (they call this phase the "planning"). Last time, it took about three days for them to do the planning, so we anticipate that by the end of this week we will get a call from Dr. Frye's office to schedule the radiation treatments for sometime next week.

Meanwhile, David is continuing to do physical therapy and seeing improvements in his balance and stamina even though the therapists have been increasing the intensity and difficulty of what they have him do.

On a different topic, the charges so far for David's cancer treatment now total $593,806 ($380,137 of which was for chemo and the first round of radiation). We are so thankful we have good insurance!