• Karen

Radiation treatments completed & C. diff beat

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Karen and David on our honeymoon in Hawaii 28 years ago

David finished all five of the radiation treatments this past week. Prior to the last two, he really hadn't noticed any significant side effects, and we were hoping that was a good sign. But then the fatigue kicked in and by the day of the last treatment, it was extreme. It's still that way, and it's difficult to overstate how extreme it is. He can barely sit up straight in a chair; he can't get up off the sofa without help; he naps quite a bit; and when he's not napping, he often doesn't have enough energy even to read or watch TV. He's also had some headaches.

We were told different things by the various doctors and nurses regarding how long the fatigue would last, and they said everyone reacts differently. So we really don't know what to expect. We're hoping he's already had the worst of it and things will improve soon.

On a better note, David's most recent stool test came back negative for C diff. Now that he's had three negative tests, his PCP (Dr. Oh.) said he could stop taking the Flagyl antibiotic. Yay!

David has also started tapering off the steroid, according to a schedule Dr. Vonk (radiology oncologist) gave us. With luck, the insomnia and increased appetite will decrease in the coming days.