Reprieve over: Enhertu cycle 6 started

Updated: Jul 28

The beautiful mesquite tree in Karen's parents' backyard

David saw Dr. Brooks today and as we expected, David’s CEA marker has risen again—almost double this time—to 28. Since the CEA numbers have been increasing at a more rapid rate, Dr. Brooks thought it’d be good for David to restart the Enhertu chemo. So, David got his first dose today. Since his body has recovered from the side effects caused by the previous cycle of Enhertu late last year, we're hoping that he won’t have as many side effects this time. (When he originally started Enhertu, he had just come off that clinical trial chemo, Enfortumab, which was very hard on him. So, he wasn’t in good shape then.)

On a positive note, David had a brain MRI on June 8, and once again everything looks fine. He’ll have an abdominal CT scan on June 30 and then get his next dose of chemo on July 7.