• Karen

Results of abdominal CT scan & Keytruda cycle 18

Sun face we bought at San Diego Zoo Safari Park in 2016. We hope to visit there again someday.

David had another abdominal CT scan on 11/24, a month earlier than the usual three-month interval, because the results of his 9/16 CT scan were ambiguous with regard to two lymph nodes near the stomach that were larger than before. David saw Dr. Brooks on 12/3 to get the results of the CT scan, and he received his 18th IV of Keytruda.

We were hoping Dr. Brooks would say, "You do not have cancer and your lymph nodes now look normal," but that was not the case. The good news is that the lymph nodes are mostly stable with one being the same size as before and the other being only slightly larger (10 mm vs. 8 mm).

Dr. Brooks said it's impossible to know what that means. It could mean the lymph nodes are cancerous, but it might not. And even if it did, he said he would not change the current treatment. So, as many who have had cancer and go into remission know, living with uncertainty is something you just have to get used to.

In other good news, David blood counts are all improving now that he has been off chemo for a year.