• Karen

Results of CT scan & plan for chemo cycle 6

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

David riding his bike recently

This morning David and I saw Linda Barroero, Dr. Brooks' nurse practitioner. The recent CT scan showed continued shrinkage of the lymph node tumors and "stability" of the liver lesions. IV contrast was not used during this CT scan because Dr. Brooks wanted to forgo that hardship on the kidneys, so it was not possible to tell whether the liver lesions have shrunk. It was also not possible to tell whether the stomach tumor has shrunk, because there was food in the stomach in spite of the fact that David had fasted as directed. Later in the day, Dr. Brooks said that next time he will order IV contrast.

Needless to say, the lymph nodes shrinkage is good news and means the chemo is working. But we were hoping for more definitive and positive news about the liver and stomach tumors.

Given all that, Dr. Brooks is having David get the IV chemo today. So this is day 1 of cycle 6. In a continued effort to prevent the recurring intestinal issue that occurs near the end of each cycle, Dr. Brooks will have David take the chemo pills for only 7 days this cycle, down from 10 days in cycle 5 and down from 14 days in all the previous cycles. With luck, that will help.