• Karen

Good news from David’s recent MRI

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Mexican gold poppies I photographed on the shoulder of an infrequently traveled road in Catalina State Park

Today, David and I had a phone consultation with Dr. Frye, the neurologist, about David's recent brain MRI. The bottom line is we could not have hoped for anything better regarding David's brain health. Dr. Frye said there are no new brain tumors, and the previous six that were zapped with radiation are not anything to worry about. (They’re either gone, continuing to disappear, or dead.) He said he thinks “it's going very well.”

We asked several questions about a couple of sentences in the report. Dr. Frye explained what they meant said they are nothing to be concerned about. He’ll schedule another MRI for 3 months from now to make sure no new tumors appear. 

Needless to say, this is all GREAT news. As David said, "Yahoo!!! Let’s have a big party! Oh, no, I guess we can’t; we have to hunker down in place. Dang it!!!"