• Karen

Results of recent CT scan

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Karen and me out for a nice dinner with Doug and Jan, visiting recently from Denver, and my sisters Judy and Penny

David and I met with Dr. Brooks today and got some good news and some disappointing news. The good news is the lymph node tumors have not grown. The disappointing news is they haven’t shrunk appreciably. We were hoping that the tumors would have shrunk a lot since the chemo has been so hard on David lately.

Because David’s mouth still has not completely healed, Dr. Brooks decided David should not get chemo today. Instead, we will meet with Dr. Brooks again on 12/3 to discuss the next steps.

Dr. Brooks said he would think about “what other treatment options we have that insurance would cover.” He might continue with Enhertu, although he seems reluctant to do that given the side effects and the fact that he’s also cut the dose down and increased the time between doses and yet David still experiences side effects that are worsening each time. He mentioned the possibility of a clinical trial that might incorporate either Keytruda or Herceptin (both of which worked for David for a while and were tolerable) and a new agent.

In the meantime, David will have a brain MRI on 11/29 to make sure there are no new brain tumors.