• Karen

Schedule for radiation treatments & more progress on C. diff and anemia

Blooms of my "Lady Finger" (Echinocereus pentalophus) cactus, a vining cactus

We will meet with Dr. Sipos, the neurosurgeon, on Fri. 10/25 as planned. And we learned today that David's first radiation treatment will be this Wed., 10/23, at 2:30 p.m. The remaining four radiation treatments will probably be on Thurs., Fri., next Mon., and next. Tues., but we don’t have times for those yet.

We are very glad the radiation will start soon, because David's symptoms are getting worse. In addition to needing to use a walker due to his poor balance, he now feels worse if he moves his head or eyes even slightly. So we very much hope the radiation will quickly improve things.

David was scheduled to get his 15th round of IV chemo this Thurs., but chemo is not allowed while a patient is getting radiation, so that will be delayed. This is probably a good thing; I assume getting both on one day would be tough physically.

We received some good news regarding fighting off the C. diff. David's last stool test came back negative , so in two weeks he will do one more stool test. If that is negative, he can finally stop taking the Flagyl antibiotic.

We also learned that David's recent blood tests show he is no longer anemic. So he can stop taking the iron pills. Fewer pills per day will be great, since he's been taking a total of 17 pills of various types each day.