• Karen

Start of 5th chemo cycle delayed 1 week

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

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I called Dr. Brooks' triage nurse yesterday to report David's intestinal issues. I am so thankful Dr. Brooks is responsive even though he is one of most sought-after oncologists in Tucson. He called back and said we should delay the start of the 5th chemo cycle for a week to give David a chance to recover from his intestinal issues. So chemo cycle 5 will start on Thurs. 3/21 rather than on 3/14.

I asked him why David keeps getting these intestinal symptoms near the end of each cycle. He said the chemo pills and the IV chemo are probably injuring the lining of the intestines. He said not many of his patients have this side effect. David has had IBS and other intestinal issues in the past, so maybe he is more susceptible.