• Karen

The new plan & some improvements

David, making a point, while sporting his new hairdo

It's been busy since I last posted. David saw Dr. Frye regarding the 5/24 brain MRI, and the news was good. He said there are no new brain tumors and David's brain "looks great." He explained that the "suspicious" area noted on the report was still only scar tissue and the reason it looked larger this time had to do with the thickness of the "slices" that were used during the imaging process. Whew!

David also saw the ophthalmologist (Dr. Kaufer) again, and he said David can quit using the steroid eye drops in about a week. We're glad about that, because Dr. Kaufer, Dr. Sahni (sleep doctor), and Dr. Oh (PCP) all said the drops—in addition to the steroids David was receiving in his weekly chemo IV—were the culprit that's been causing David's recent tenacious insomnia. Dr. Sahni also explained that the antihistamine that was given with David's chemo IV was what caused David to develop restless leg syndrome. Dr. Oh gave David a medication that has helped with that issue.

Now that it's been about a month since David's last chemo IV, some other side effects have started improving. The aching in his legs has been lessening, and his altered sense of taste has been improving. Those were both very unpleasant side effects, so we're glad to see them go. We're hoping the new chemo will not renew them. Feeling better little by little, David has also improved enough for the two of us to ride our recumbent bikes together in the morning now and then, which we very much enjoy.

Regarding the plan for the new chemo regime, we saw Dr. Brooks on 6/10. He's scheduled David to start the new chemo (Fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan, also called Enhertu) on 6/17. David will receive an IV once every three weeks thereafter. We are very glad he won't have to get chemo once a week. We'll let you know how things go...