The reprieve continues!

Photo of us taken on a recent drive up Mount Lemmon in Tucson. We're at about 9,000 feet.

David and I met with Dr. Brooks on Friday 1/21 to discuss the results of David’s 1/17 abdominal CT scan. We were hoping for good news but prepared to hear that David needed to restart chemo. Much to our delight, Dr. Brooks said the CT scan showed that the lymph node tumors had not grown and, in fact, they might be smaller. The scan photos and accompanying text said, “There are no central soft tissue masses or pathologically enlarged lymph nodes.” Based on what Dr. Brooks said, I think that means that if we didn’t already know that David has had cancer, the CT scan results would not indicate he had cancer. Dr. Brooks didn’t say David was in remission, but he did say he didn’t think David needed to rush back into chemo.

Dr. Brooks showed us a comparison of the 1/17 CT scan with one taken in March of 2021, and it was clear that the tumors have shrunk a lot. The Enhertu chemo was tough to bear but it clearly was effective.

The plan is to test David’s CEA tumor marker on February 15 and March 15 and meet with Dr. Brooks on 3/18. If the CEA level doesn’t increase significantly, we’ll continue in a holding pattern and get another CT scan in late March or April. If the CEA level increases significantly, we’ll need to regroup and discuss what treatment should be started.

Needless to say, we are thrilled that David can continue his reprieve from chemo!