• Karen

Tough week

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Catalina mountains with blooming Palo Verde trees and saguaros in front

Yesterday, David completed the first "on" week of the new regime for taking the chemo pills during chemo cycle 7 (one week one, one week off, and one week on). So as of today, he gets a break from taking them for a week. Next Thurs., he'll need to take them again for a week. Then we'll see Dr. Brooks and find out what he recommends for chemo cycle 8.

I'm glad David is getting a break, because he has felt worse than usual this past week. We suspect it might be due to the fact that he had a two-week break from the pills prior to this past week. It seems like being off the pills for that long made his system more sensitive to them when he started taking them again. Perhaps that's a good thing as far as fighting the cancer goes, but it's tough on him.

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